Travel Roulette No. 2 - William Wallace National Monument Stirling, Scotland

William Wallace National Monument Stirling Scotland

This travel roulette was a bit of a surprise, to be honest. But then again, aren’t they all?

I have a reminder set up on my phone to tell me to pick an image. So when I wake up and turn on my phone, I get a notification. If I don’t zip through my images right then and there, I’m likely to forget about it and ignore the notification. This is why we don’t have as many travel roulettes as we should!

Sitting in bed in the dark I looked at this photo and wondered what it was. Certainly a castle. But where? When?

The photo only said “Causewayhead Park” and the date was October 5th, 2018. Where were we on that day? Ahh. Scotland. Yes. This was the William Wallace National Monument. It all came back then.

The cold walk in the shade through the park, through the fallen leaves. The wind and the shrugged shoulders protecting against it. The climb up the stone stairs that only seemed to get more and more narrow towards the top and the scrunching and shifting to allow people coming down enough space to do so.

Each floor has some sort of exhibit - the life and history of William Wallace, for whom the tower was built, obviously, but also the battles fought here in Stirling against the British army over the centuries.

Sometimes it feels as if most of Scotland is devoted to this type of history - who took which castle when, and who was routed and who did the routing.

But you are rewarded at the top with magnificent views (sorry I didn’t land on one of those images in my scrolling this morning!) of the surrounding valley. It seems you can see forever.

I looked down at the tiny people on the ground and wondered if they could see me, then came down those stairs so fast it made me dizzy.