7 Days in Ubud, Bali (Day Seven)

Day Seven in Ubud, Bali

A leisurely morning working on our laptops and reading on the patio before breakfast. Mornings are the nicest here. The mist hangs in the air from the night and the sun comes up but everything is still jungle cool. The pillows on the sofa on the porch are cool and a little moist. The birds are active in the tops of the bamboo, and there is some nice and quiet as nobody is awake yet. The people who work at the hotel are starting to come in and a few of them smile at us with their helmets still on from their moped ride in. They wear jackets and jeans to protect them against the chill of the morning air.

Hotel Coffee in Ubud, Bali

I didn’t mention this before but I’ve been watching a fairly large spider that I noticed one day after sticking my head into his web and destroying half of it. Neither of us were pleased. He is about the size of a pea, but isn’t green and round – he is grey and sharp and fast and deadly looking and not at all round. This spider must be there all night and into the morning because by the time we are done eating breakfast he is literally packing up his web and moving on.

With all the ruined webs I’ve walked into before I’m surprised that this is what happens. It was almost like he was eating it while walking along the web, gathering it in with some of his limbs while stuffing it in his mouth. By the time I went to get my phone the other day, he was gone. Totally no sign of him at all.

This morning, however, he hung around a bit. I was cruel and found an ant crawling on my arm and sacrificed it to the web to see what would happen. No surprise here, the spider ran over to it quick as light and spun the little ant into a cocoon. Well, let me be more accurate. It looked like the spider ran to the ant while also gathering that part of the web and pulling it towards him, thereby doubling the rate at which he reached the ant.  Have you ever seen a fisherman pull in a net? It was like that except imagine the fisherman climbing the net towards the fish while pulling it in towards his body. It was spectacular. Jill was mortified at my behavior, but I’ve killed plenty of bugs accidentally over the years. Countless many spiders as well. I even used to kill spiders, but don’t do any of that anymore. Spiders are good luck and they eat all the shitty bugs that want to eat me, so they can stay around all they want.  

After all that murder, we went to have a foot reflexology session, which felt great but was actually just a really nice foot massage. The girls were bored while doing this and kept yawning and who could blame them? Jill and I were both expecting more of a Chinese marma point treatment, but I guess that’s what some marketing genius came up with to fool tourists like us – just call it “reflexology” and they will hand over the cash! A few minutes away we had the best yoga class of our time here in Ubud. It was basic and simple gentle yoga. She described it as yoga for people who are new to yoga, and while we aren’t that, it was great to get back to the basics.

7 Days in Ubud, Bali

After being in many types of yoga while here in Ubud, it was great to be in a class filled with people who weren’t trying to prove something. They weren’t all like, look how bendy I am! They were like: what the hell is going on? It was really relaxing. There was one woman in jean shorts. The whole vibe was super chill and easy and it felt like a balm. Think of it this way. Climbers seek out Everest to climb and prove their skill. Yogis come to Bali to do the same. It’s one of the things I really dislike about yoga, and about Bali.

After this we had lunch at our vegan buffet. It was great, but not as amazing as the first time. It never is, is it? We then came back to the hotel and I had a swim before heading out to coffee. I was all ready to go when I saw one of the hotel employees sipping the dark black almost Turkish style coffee we get for breakfast and I asked if I could have a cup. They said yes and so I turned on my heel and sat on the patio with my coffee and began to get caught up on my backlog of book reviews for #visavisbooks.

I don’t know if you know this, but it’s we’ve been reading and reviwing books and leaving them all over the world for the last several years. The idea is that anybody who finds it will also do the same, leaving a trail that we can track via the hashtag. It’s a great idea, but so far nobody has really posted anything (except us). And still we persist.

So I wrote my reviews and we had dinner and we packed for our early flight to Singapore. I can’t believe our week in Ubud, Bali has gone by so quickly. I hope you didn’t find this too boring! Our intent in coming here really was to read and write and eat and do yoga and get massages. And we certainly did all of that!

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