7 Days in Ubud, Bali (Day Six)

Day Six in Ubud, Bali

I had been trying desperately to keep up with my blog posts about what we did every day while in Ubud, but I managed to fall behind a bit and I’m playing catch up.

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of things, all the countless little details during the day that just get lost in the shuffle of a new day.

Of course you know we did yoga. Of course you know we ate some vegan food.

But yesterday I had another massage at Taksu, but this was a treatment that Jill had done previously. But this time she actually stood on my back and massaged me with her bare feet. It was combo of Thai massage and Ayurvedic treatment, although I'm finding that these terms are used loosely here in Bali. Ask me what what Ayurvedic is about it and I couldn’t even tell you.

While I was being seasoned and oiled and beaten like a fresh chicken the day before holiday, Jill was off getting a chakra healing. She came back positively glowing, but couldn’t really point to anything specific that happened. Now that’s some magic.

I emailed the woman (who looks like an Indonesia Frieda Kahlo) to see if I could have my chakras cleaned too, but she never emailed me back. So we ate lunch until Jill went to Kundaline (where it turns out she was made to try to walk like a lizard for some reason). Turns out this is harder than one would imagine and was quite sore the next day.

7 Days in Ubud, Bali

While she was off doing this, I went to a coffee shop and ordered a double cappucinno and sat on the porch watching the street traffic go by. Across the street was a mechanics shop working primarily on mopeds, which are a very common mode of transport in Bali. Two boys stood out front and entertained themselves by beating a drum and dancing to it. The boy who beat the drum had a milky white eye that seemed to fix itself on me at one point, but his friend had a decorative box over his head and shoulders that was designed to look like a fierce boar. The mouth of the boar opened and closed in time with the drum as the boy stomped his feet and circled around as if one foot were magnetically stuck to that geographic point.

Coffee Shop Rocking Chair Ubud Bali

The chairs along the porch were the ubiquitous plastic chairs found all over the world, but they were artfully modified with a Balinese wood base to make them rocking chairs. Mine was turned slightly way from the woman next to me, which felt rude so I mentioned it and turned to face her more. We struck u pa conversation which lasted the whole time I was at the café. She was from London, but had been living and traveling in Australia and New Zealand for the last four years or so. She sounded like Kate Tempest which I mentioned but she didn’t recognize the name. Her mother was Irish, so she also had an Irish passport and travelled with that. She was looking for work as she was starting to run out of money and couldn’t get a visa in NZ or Australia. Apparently if you are over 30, it’s difficult to impossible to get a working visa in those countries.

I mentioned house sitting and gave her the discount link to Trusted House Sitters (<<20% off!) and told her about Up Work, where she could find work online. We talked about blogs and connected on Instagram. It’s amazing how friendly people are. I don’t meet enough travelers this way, and I need to change that.

On my way back to the hotel I stopped at the pharmacy for some necessities. I’m always surprised at how direct people can be around the world. Maybe it’s just a language thing, but when I went in, instead of asking me if I needed any help or what I was looking for, she said, with a smile “What’s your problem.”. In any other context this could be misconstrued, but I’m used to it by now, and find it funny.

When I turned down our street I could see Jill behind me. I was thinking of stopping and waiting in the shade, but decided it would be nicer to get to the hotel and turn on the AC in advance of her arrival, so that’s what I did.

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