Where We Stayed - Ubud, Bali

The outside of the villas at The Bali Shanti

The outside of the villas at The Bali Shanti

We made the decision to just stay put in Ubud, Bali and not really venture outside of the city during our 8 day stay. Originally, we were planning to do a yoga retreat and just hunker down with some pampering and yogaing, but my frugality won the day and we decided to do our own version of a yoga retreat. And so it was that we found ourselves booked into The Bali Shanti in Ubud, Bali for our entire stay. 

I looked at a lot of places to stay here in Ubud. We had several requirements that needed to be met: it had to be close to several yoga studios, it had to have breakfast, it had to have a pool and it had to have air conditioning. There's also the intangible feeling of a sense of place, and I wanted to feel like we were in Bali. The Bali Shanti met all these requirements and was a super good value to boot! My frugal heart was excited with this amazing find.

We had arranged a car from the airport through The Bali Shanti and I was so glad we did. Our flight was late and getting through the whole immigration and baggage claim process took way longer than I had anticipated. So it was a relief to see our driver standing with the sign for The Bali Shanti and my name. He was so nice and off we went into the night, confident that he knew exactly where he was going. Too bad the traffic was awful, but he navigated it well and we always felt safe.

We didn't get a really good perspective on the place until the following morning. My first thought was that the room was pretty spare but comfortable. The sofa is outside and I quickly became concerned about mosquitoes and other bugs (there were not many mosquitoes to worry about but those little flies that look like stealth bombers are everywhere in the room). We quickly eased in and I took a shower. I was super upset when not even 2 minutes into the shower the water was freezing and no sign of hot water was to be found. That was not a good start to our stay. I should mention that it was the morning and as we were eating breakfast out on our porch Zac noticed that every woman sitting outside had wet hair! That was six of us. That seemed to account for the cold water as I never had this happen again (I did switch to showering at night).

The breakfast is really good though the choices are always the same: banana pancake or white toast, eggs any style, cut fruit or fruit juice and coffee or tea. I had the exact same thing each day and I have to say, I didn't really get tired of it. I absolutely loved the banana pancake though it is a bit sweet sometimes. Zac always had the fruit juice and I got the sliced fruit. This all added up to a really satisfying start to the day and usually held us through to a later lunch.

There's a smallish pool that is cleaned everyday and was a delightful refresh on mid afternoons after being out in the hot humid streets of Ubud. The staff is so kind and they even did our laundry for a extremely cheap price.

We absolutely loved our stay here at The Bali Shanti. It met all our requirements and we were so comfortable here that we found it really hard to leave. I would highly recommend you stay at The Bali Shanti when you are in Ubud. It's super quiet and such a good deal. I'm hard pressed to want to stay anywhere else should we return.