A Guide to the Water Fountains of Vermiglio, Italy

Water Fountains of Vermiglio Italy

Vermiglio, Italy is a hilly little town of about 2,000 residents, five churches and at least a dozen bars and restaurants. There are events happening here all summer long, many of which are soley for the residents of Vermiglio. Which means they don't feel touristy at all. While a ton of tourists come through Vermiglio, they are generally on their way to Passo Tonale to take the funicular or simply to ride their bikes and motorcycles through the twisty mountain roads. 

One thing that is certain is that they aren't stopping to visit the water fountains I've become slightly obsessed with. That isn't entirely true. Just the other day I saw a couple cyclists struggling up the incline and stopping at one of the water fountains to refresh themselves before continuing up the relentless pitch as they head deeper into the mountains. But that's an exception.

These days the water fountains have a slightly diminished importance to the residents of Vermiglio, but they serve as a reminder of this small town's agricultural roots.

The water fountains in Vermiglio tend to fall into two broad categories - those just for drinking water, which tend to be newer and stand alone near busier roads and thoroughfares and those that were mainly used as communal gathering spots for washing clothes and getting water for cooking. These tend to be located higher up in Vermiglio where there are older buildings that often date to the 1600's if not before.

One great water fountain & a beautiful garden!

There aren't many (if any!) people using these water fountains to wash their clothes - the advent of the washing machine and indoor plumbing took care of that. But just today we did see an old woman rinsing out a plastic bucket in a bigger fountain. 

Some of the water fountains are rigged with iron grates underneath the "faucet" to easily house a giant pot or bucket. 

There are very few of these fountains that aren't running 24/7. Which makes for a very very handy way to quench your thirst after climbing the steep inclines to reach the pharmacy or the center of town!

I've made an attempt to document all of the water fountains of Vermiglio for no real reason at all! Check out the map below - each one comes with a small description and a few photos. I'll be adding to it as I find more and more. 

Map of the Water Fountains of Vermiglio Italy

If you happen to have the pleasure of visiting Vermiglio, make a point to wander up off the main road filled with motorcycles and find a few of these magnificent water fountains and marvel at their continued existence, and drink of their super fresh mountain water!