4 Reasons Air Dry Laundry Makes Me Nervous

In America we have a stigma against hanging your laundry out to dry - it's perceived as being low class and more...rural. The reasons for this are many, no doubt. I won't go into this here, but in general, when you have money in America, you can buy a machine to do the washing and drying.

We were a little surprised that none of the apartments we rented during our month in Croatia had a dryer. Just these tiny little washers, and always in the bathroom.

Maybe it's a space issue. That is one good reason to not have a dryer. Energy consumption is another good reason to avoid a machine dryer. Why spend money and space and energy when you can just let the air dry your laundry?

There are some good reasons to get behind hanging your clothes to dry. Personally I find it charming to see strung about. That said, here are some reasons why it makes me uncomfortable in my day to day life.

1. Rain. In Zagreb we saw some laundry out on the line in the rain. Not only will it not be clean, it will never get dry (it rained every day we were there).

2. Birds! Here in Dubrovnik, there are pigeons and sea gulls. I'm pretty sure our bald heads, washed cars and clean laundry only look like target practice to these birds.

3. Neighbors! Now I'm not saying that I have crusty old undergarments. I don't. But what if you did? I mean, do you want everybody to know what cup size you are, or that you have super padding in your bra?

4. Air Pollution. Some cities don't have the greatest air quality. Some cultures smoke a TON. In fact, our laundry is right now hanging out on the balcony above a table used for group smoking parties by everybody in the building. So our clean laundry is getting a 2nd hand gang bang.

But hang our laundry we do, despite the anxiety. I mean, it is soothing to take it down once it's dry...