Thanksgiving part deux

Last year on Thanksgiving, I wrote about how I was feeling homesick and sad that I was away from my tradition on my favorite holiday (see the post here). Wow, what a difference a year makes. 

Last week marked our second Thanksgiving on the road. This time we were in Scotland instead of Sri Lanka and this time I had no sense of homesickness or sadness at all. In fact, I didn't really even care all that much that it was Thanksgiving. That sounds harsh, maybe, but I found the importance I had placed on Thanksgiving for all those years had just disappeared. Maybe the need for creating traditions has ceased for me. Maybe the focus on it is removed because I'm not focused on having the day off work. Maybe I felt more comfy because it was chilly on Thanksgiving instead of blazing hot and humid. Maybe I felt more comfy because I'm in a home instead of a hotel. Whatever the reason I was happy when the day came and happy when the day went.

We went for a wee walk around the estate where we're staying, dawdled in the house a bit, played with the cat and then went for our dinner booking at the amazing Braidwood's down the street from our house. This was our first Michelin starred restaurant and we thought Thanksgiving would be a perfect time for a bit of a treat. And it was. Although the fact that it was a lovely Thursday could have been enough for a treat. And I guess that's where I've changed the most this year. I am really trying to embrace being grateful everyday and not looking to a specific day to feel special. So when Thanksgiving Thursday rolled around, I was comfy, happy, grateful and content. But then again, I felt that same way on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and other days before and since. 

So, year two being "away from home" brought me a little less interest in the holiday itself and a little more interest in feeling content and grateful in my current experiences. No homesickness, no sadness. Just another Thursday.

But hmmm...those Christmas lights sure do make me feel wistful (but just the solid white, blues or greens).