Find Visa-Vis Travel on Apple News!

My brother once said - "I would go to your website if I knew what it it VIS dash A, or VISA dash VIS or is there no dash?" Well now you don't have to remember difficult things like this, or how to spell the name Michael. Strike that last bit. You are on your own with that.

Why don't you have to worry about how to spell Visa-Vis? Because we are bringing our travel experiences TO YOU through the help of Apple News!

Certainly this modern digital mobile world has no shortage of ways to keep in touch or to consume content. And maybe Apple News is your thing. If so you are in luck. Because here is how to find travel inspiration on Apple News.

1. Find & Open Apple News on your iPhone.

Visa-Vis-Travel-Blog-Apple News

2. Find and tap "Search".

Visa-Vis-Travel-Blog-Apple News

3. Type "Visa-Vis" or "Visa-Vis Travel" until you find what you are looking for and select it.

Visa-Vis-Travel-Blog-Apple News

4. Success! You found and saved Visa-Vis Travel in Apple News!

Visa-Vis-Travel-Blog-Apple News

You now have access to our travel adventures in real time as they happen! Extra bonus points for those of you who sign up to get notifications alerting you of a new post.

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