Where we were...2017 Edition

I always get terribly sentimental and pensive as the year comes to a close. And so, since we are in December, those old feelings of sentimentality started creeping up on me. I started thinking about the kind of year I've had and the places we've visited and I thought it would be fun to put together a quick visual representation of what I think of when I think of these places. I still can't believe we've seen and experienced so much and I feel so incredibly fortunate for the struggles and the successes we've had this year (and every year). As we look back on 2017 I can't help but feel like this was another extraordinary year.

Brittany, France

Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France in January

Aylesbury, England (near London)

A countryside stroll along the River Thames outside London, England


Graffiti commemorating the Pope's visit to the wall in Bethlehem

Republic of Georgia

The incredible beauty of Mestia, Republic of Georgia


Early morning homemade mulberry infused vodka and baked goods. That's why we're smiling so much.

Istanbul, Turkey

Our favorite kitten in Istanbul. She was so sweet!

Rome, Italy

Of course the Coliseum! I was surprised how much I loved it.

Vermiglio, Italy

I just love the mountains and clouds in Vermiglio. This was our view on the way to the grocery store!

Milan, Italy

Mini wheels of Zippota cheese on a surprise cheese making experience for Zac.


The incredible tiles of Portugal. These were on the outside of a building in Lisbon.


Making my own shade in the Sahara. I didn't realize this is done via turban not umbrella.

Barcelona, Spain

Stained glass drenched light reflecting off organ pipes in the Sagrada Familia.

Merida, Mexico

Cenote outside of Merida, Mexico. These are a bit creepy but so magical.

Los Angeles, California

LA was all about Baba the cat. How could it not be? Look at his face!

Portland, Oregon

Holly and sunshine on a beautiful walk at the Hoyt Arboretum.