Celebrating 2 Years of Full Time Travel

Two years ago we woke up in our house in Minneapolis. What was left of our possessions were packed up in a storage pod sitting on the curb. The mattress was on the floor and in the living room a box of cleaning supplies. We drove to a strange office in the middle of the suburbs and signed some papers giving our house to a young couple, and got a check. The bank next door gladly took that check and we closed our accounts.

2 Years of Full Time Travel

That night we stayed in a hotel downtown and ate a celebratory dinner at Haute Dish, a restaurant filled with memories of good friends and meals over the years.

The next morning we were on a plane to Mexico City. It's been two years we've been traveling full time. Two years. I keep saying it so it will sink in or seem real. Because it doesn't seem real.

It's overwhelming at times to think of the places we've been and things we've seen and the people we've met. At other times it seems that we haven't even started to scratch the surface of this desire to be nomadic. To live out of a backpack. To get our mail (what's left of it at this point) digitally.

Some Full Time Travel Stats

We never thought we would be gone this long. Our first batch of travel took us around the world in 9 months, and after that we started house sitting in earnest. And now we have 6 months of travel planned into 2018.

It's hard to imagine what is ahead of us, although we are almost always planning our next steps. Right now we are booking Milan, Portugal, Morocco, Barcelona and Mexico before heading to a wonderful looking house sit in Portland, Oregon.

It's hard to imagine the future, but doing so has gotten us to where we are today. If anything the last two years has taught me that while we can't know the future, we can certainly build it to fit what we envision.

Small Photo Sample of 2 Years of Full Time Travel

That said, let's look back on the last two years. We've compiled the last two years of photos by country, and to spare you some pain, we chose only one per country. This is no small task as we have 30 thousand photos between us.

But instead of just listing a host of travel photos, we decided to build a Google Map of our last two years of full time travel so that you can scroll around the world much more quickly and easily than we have.

Tell us- are you a full time traveler, or want to become one?