8 Songs That List Cities or Places

8 Songs That List Cities or Places

Not too long ago we were in Armenia planning our travel trajectory and a Cat Power song popped into my head. You know the one where she lists a whole host of cities? It stayed in my head as we were traveling from Yerevan to Istanbul and then to Rome. In the song she sings a line about traveling from "Istanbul, Rio, Rome, Argentine, Chile, Mexico, Taiwan...". And on and on. 

Just the other day we were streaming The Current (a Minnesota radio station) and "Lost" by Frank Ocean came on. I love that song for many reasons, but noticed that he too lists places around the world.

I got thinking about all the "city songs" that mention a list of cities and places like Cat Power did. It turns out there are a TON of city songs! 

So here it is, a roundup of 8 songs that list cities and places. We know there are more, so tell us. What is your favorite song that lists a ton of cities or places?

City Song Roundup: 1

Cat Power: "Ruin"

City Song Roundup: 2

City Song Roundup: 3

Depeche Mode: "Route 66"

City Song Roundup: 4

Billy Joel:  "We Didn't Start the Fire" 

City Song Roundup: 5

Johnny Cash: "I've Been Everywhere"

City Song Roundup: 6

The Smiths: "Panic"

City Song Roundup: 7

Woody Guthrie: "This Land Is Your Land"

City Song Roundup: 8

U2: "Seconds"