Celebrating 3 Years of Full Time Travel

When we set out to travel around the world we were only planning on being gone about 9 months. We didn't think that what we were doing was considered "full time travel" at that point. We were just traveling. But after 3 years, I guess that's what this is. Full time travel. 

What does full time travel mean, exactly? In short, it means we have no permanent place to call home. I'm writing this from Norway, but in a few weeks we will be in Scotland. And a few weeks after that, South Africa, and after that, the UK. I think I'll save the full definition of full time travel for another blog post. :)

Two years ago I created the map below, and have recently updated it with our travels in 2018. Since it's only August, some of the travel destinations aren't fully fleshed out, but by and large, you can find a picture and a description and a link and maybe a cute little icon to indicate a house sit. I'm looking forward to adding to this map as time goes on!

And while we are here celebrating, it seems like a good idea to have a few broad sweeping blog posts of our favourite museums around the world and the world's best cities for street art

Read on and travel on! Here is to another three years of travel!

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