Deciding Where to Travel for Your Next Vacation

Deciding Where to Travel For Next Vacation

Having a hard time deciding where to travel next? We are too. Even after traveling full time for three years, this is a difficult decision to make. It shouldn't be so hard, right? Well, it is. If you are wringing your hands over your next vacation, you aren't alone.

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding where to travel. Before we go anywhere we weigh the destination against a handful of requirements. Here are some of ours.

1. Price

One of our flip answers to the oft asked question "How long do you plan to travel?" is "until we run out of money". But with prudent budgeting and careful choices on nearly every level - from flights to food and accommodation - and continuing to work, we may get tired of travel before we run out of budget. But price is one of the major factors in deciding where we are going to go next.

2. Flight Duration

After a recent 13 hour flight from Singapore to Barcelona, Jill asked me if my tolerance for long flights has changed over the last three years, and what my max flight time is now. I said 7 hours was my max, and she was surprised. Hers had dwindled to 4. There are more reasons for this than just the shrinking seats, crappy meals and arbitrarily shifting prices. While we have become better at minimizing jet-lag, it can't be avoided completely on long haul flights. We tend to have the luxury as full time travelers of taking our time to get to a destination. Which means we can take shorter flights and spend longer in places. When the price is right, of course.

You may not have this option. If you are short on time, you may want to consider traveling north or south to at least avoid losing a groggy day to jet-lag.

3. Opportunity

We often struggle with deciding where to go when we have no restrictions. I know, great problem to have, must be nice, right?  To be honest, it really is nice.

But this is a pretty universal truth. How many times have you gone into a grocery store and been flummoxed by all the options for something as simple as sugar or oats? This is why we like to house sit so much. We can stick a point in the map and know that we have a place to go in the future. And we can work towards that time and place. Slowly. Avoiding jet lag.

House sitting and workaway and other opportunities allow us to learn something while we travel, and that's super important to us. So we scour these sites for new opportunities to suit our thirsty minds.

4. Weather

We've only packed for 3 of the 4 seasons. After living in Minnesota for 14 or so years, I bet you can guess which season is missing. Not that we don't like snow and cold, it's just that we are pretty used to it and don't think there is much more to be learned there. Since the earth is heating up, it makes sense to get our bodies acclimated to warmer climes, right? So for this reason we tend to stick to climates that don't get below freezing very often.

We've spent winters in Portland, Oregon, Dalry, Scotland and Brittany, France. All of which have felt more like spring to us than winter. What does this mean really? That we are starting to miss the natural change of seasons!

Thinking of your preferred weather will really help you narrow down your travel choices and help you decide where to travel for your next vacation. If you are trying to escape the cold, don't go to Quebec City in January (like we did). Sure it's charming as hell, but it may not be the change you are looking for.

Of course you may have your own requirements and restrictions for travel. The biggest one we have heard from people is money, followed closely by time. Constraints are good though right? What are some of the factors you consider when deciding where to travel?