Our Most Travelled Month To Date

  • Fukuoka to Sapporo 1490 km
  • Sapporo to Tokyo 832 km
  • Tokyo to Bali 5560 km
  •  Bali to Singapore 1680 km
  • Singapore to London 10880 km
  • London to Barcelona 1140 km
  • Barcelona to Gothenburg 1959 km

Through a series of circumstances, we are traveling a whole lot in June. 23,542 kilometers or 14,628 miles to be exact. Maybe the most we’ve traveled since beginning full time travel three years ago. We don’t’ normally travel this much. We generally try to avoid long haul flights and the havoc this can cause to the body. The dry eyes, the exhaustion, the stiffness and leg cramps from being trapped in a tin can screaming across the sky at 800 km an hour. Not that I don’t love the opportunities that modern travel gives us, if we are willing to pay.

I woke up yesterday in Singapore and this morning work up outside Barcelona. It sounds romantic, but it was a really long 30 hours. Landing in Gatwick after being pampered in the Singapore airport is a harsh awakening – the screams of children and teenagers amplify off the tile floors and high ceilings. I watched as an airport employee left his snickers wrapper on the chair next to him when the trashcan was within an easy arms reach. I watched as several other airport employees took their breaks in the same seat and studiously ignored the rubbish.

This isn’t a post about the differences between airports or cultures, although the differences are striking when you wake up in one part of the world and find your next sleep in another. This started out as a simple fact – we’ve unintentionally travelled 62% of the world’s circumference this month – and has started me thinking about the ramifications of full time travel. The unseen toll it takes on the mind and body. It isn’t only the glamor you see on social media.


Somewhere over Pakistan Jill asked me if I ever see a day where we don’t travel full time. A day where we are settled down with out own pots and pillows again. My answer was yes. Today is that day. But then I looked out the window at the approaching snow covered mountain and I thought...I wonder where we are now?