Saying "Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit" For Luck

I first learned about the habit many people have of saying “rabbit rabbit rabbit” on the first of the month from our friend Suzanne. There was something about the way she described it after my initial confusion, my “what the hell are you talking about” that captivated me.

For years Jill and I would wake up on the first of the month and wish each other a happy first day as a courtesy, as a way to be sweet. There was nothing behind it other than that.

Hearing the same sentiment from a different person using different words piqued my curiosity even more.

It was explained that upon waking on the first of the month, one is to say “rabbit rabbit rabbit” before saying anything else, and by doing so you will receive good fortune or a gift by the end of that month.

The origins of this are quite unknown, but the first written mention of it comes in the early 1900’s, while rabbits have been lucky for thousands of years.

So do yourself a favor today, and make sure that the rest of your month goes smoothly by repeating the word rabbit three times before you say anything else.