House Sitter of the Year Award by TrustedHouseSitters

When I was on my house sit in LA, I noticed a banner in my Trusted House Sitter profile. It described a new contest for “Sitter of the Year”. Since I had work to do, this was the perfect rabbit hole to fall into.

Surely I could just send a simple message to all of the house sits we did in 2018 and ask them to kindly nominate us. Not too forward, right? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

House Sitter of the Year Award 2018

Far from tedious, this “ask” was a delightful trip down memory lane. We started our year house sitting for two lovely cats and their dear owners in Portland, Oregon. Susan (the homeowner) responded right away by sending me pictures we had sent her over our three months there, including the one below. I had totally forgotten about creating this meme for them, honestly, but it brought the whole sit back into sharp focus.

I shared a few videos of Zoe hiding under the covers and us “discovering” her. The messages went back and forth between us for a bit and I felt so warm and fuzzy knowing we had such an impact.

The winning submission.

The winning submission.

I continued to message the other sits we did in 2018, and fondly remembered each of them and chatted with homeowners around the world - from our two sits in South Korea, one in Taiwan to our house sit in Sweden and then Norway, South Africa and rounding out the year with Los Angeles and Portishead, UK. We were busy in 2018!

And then I promptly forgot about the contest until today when I got an email from Trusted House Sitters saying that we had WON. I stopped Jill mid yoga session to read her the email. That’s right. We won the Sitter of the Year Award!

Image Courtesy of Trusted House Sitters

Image Courtesy of Trusted House Sitters

What IS the Sitter of the Year Award?

At the time I didn’t spend much time looking at the categories, but it turns out there are five. I mean, I’m forward, but I’m not so bold as to suggest which category we should be nominated for! Give me some credit.

The categories are: Above & Beyond, Last Minute Hero, Specialist Care, My Pet’s New Best Friend and Long Distance Connection*. You can read all about the sitter of the year award on their site.

Homeowners nominate their sitters and submit pictures and a reason why, and then a panel of judges and experts weigh in and choose the winners. And what is the prize you might ask? A LIFETIME subscription to the site! Which is crazy given how much we use it, and how much it has aided us in the last three plus years of full time travel.

*We won the “Long Distance Connection” award based on Susan’s fantastic submission.

We Would Like to Thank

Obviously none of this would have been possible without a site like Trusted House Sitters in the first place. But then you add in the wonderful homeowners Susan and Gordy who gave us the opportunity to sit for them for three months while they were away traveling. And of course the cats. Always the cats. It was truly a delightful time, and we are so so honored to have won this award.

And no thank you message would be complete without saying that the field was incredibly competitive, and that anybody else nominated deserved to win just as much as we did. Seriously, we’ve seen how competitive it’s getting out there for these house sits. We’ve heard from homeowners how hard it is to choose from the pile of qualified applicants. We feel so lucky every time we even get a request to Skype.

It really is like the Oscar award of house sitting. Or at least that’s what we are telling ourselves.