The Travel Day Series

What is the Travel Day Series?

Often when we think of travel we think of destinations. The getting there is secondary, an afterthought.

So great has our desire become to visit a place that we forget to consider the journey.

Sure we think about how far this destination is, and how much the airline ticket and hotel and car rental might cost. These factors quite often guide our decision when considering a destination.

But beyond that we don’t romanticize the daily travel — the trains and taxis that get us to the airports and the planes themselves that get us to other lands — and it’s these moments and modes that need to be reclaimed and triumphed for the traveler.

The Travel Day series is an attempt to shift our collective focus from the beautiful travel photos we are constantly bathed in thanks to the ubiquity of Instagram and from the endless slew of inspiring travel quotes that distract us from what travel really is - an hours and days long process of actually getting to our destination.

With that in mind, I write these pieces while in transit, while traveling - either in the back of a taxi on the way to the airport or on the plane or jet lagged on the way to a hotel.

I write under these circumstances because I find myself really inspired in these moments of transition - when we are truly nomadic and at the whim of all the forces and circumstances we expose ourselves to when we travel.

Everything seems revealed in sharp clarity in the middle ground between origin and destination.

Travel Day Series: Celebrate the Journey, Not the Destination