Travel Day Series: Episode 7

Travel Day Series: Episode 7

Train from Dunblane to Glasgow, Scotland

Getting to Glasgow🤞🏼 

We were late to the train and like the romantic I am jumped right on past the closing doors having missed the announcement about what train exactly we were embarking upon and only knowing through intuition that it was at least in the right direction, aka, towards Glasgow, which was indeed our final destination but we were unsure of the train until it pulled away from the next stop and the announcement came that we were on the train not to Glasgow but to Edinburgh. 

So we got off at that next stop and oh I forgot to tell you we didn’t even have tickets yet because normally the ticket taker can also double as the ticket seller, so before we got off at this next stop , I hoped to Wallace that the ticket taker/ seller wouldn’t come by to check on our legitimacy and he didn’t. 

I say he because I’ve yet to see a female ticket taker in Scotland. I saw one in England last year when I went from London to Brighton for the day and she got roundly abused by a man who had no ticket but instead came with a host of emotional baggage and authority issues and that mental illness called misogyny. 

Once we were right and on the proper train and it had left the station two girls sat across from me. One opened her notebook and continued copying something from her phone in large loopy letters with a black pen, but interestingly enough the header was done up in an H1 sized font with a pink highlighter. Her friend fell asleep at the window in the sun. 

Once we passed stirling a bit we saw remaining evidence of yesterday’s snow on the broad and craggy mountain just outside of town. 

A clear line marked the elevation at which it was cold enough to keep and below that a lush and rain sodden green. 

The girls exchange remarks about the snow and I only catch the word skiing before they laughed. The girl by the window who was sleeping bit into what looked like a Cadbury chocolate egg with a hard clunk. She winced and nodded as her friend asked if it was a “wee bit solid”. 

Getting Back 

We walked briskly back to the same station that afternoon and since I wasn’t in charge of finding the train times or mapping our way back from the dentist, had time to spare. 

We got on and choose our seats. A girl in a red and white striped shirt got on and unzipped her bag to reveal a tiny dog in a tiny dog jacket. She rooted around in the bag and pulled out an IrnBru and talked in soft whispers to the dog who yawned back. 

Then two girls got on the train. The same two who sat opposite me on the way down. They smiled and laughed and talked to each other about us and we did the same. 

Jill closed her eyes but soon told me that the train was three minutes late.  Then a minute later raised 4 fingers. 

The conductor got on and apologized for the delay but they were experiencing issues with the train. A poor choice of words indeed as I paired this chance 2nd encounter with the girls as somewhat the start of a story that ended with our lives being inextricably linked  forever in a Hollywood kind of way. 

But soon we were off and the Cadbury girl slack jawed asleep and twitching in her dreams and Jill doing the same.