Travel Day Series: Episode 5

Travel Day Series: Episode 5

Train from Edinburgh to Dunblane, Scotland

A valve releases some train pressure with a satisfying hiss.

I bought a bag of hard pretzels at the M&S for a snack even though the train ride is only about an hour long. Doesn’t matter what kind of journey I’m on, snacks are essential.

I stick my index and middle fingers through a pretzel and wear it like a ring, imagining what kind of person would wear a ring shaped like a pretzel. From the look Jill gives me, I’m the only one who would wear a pretzel as a ring.

Coming to no solid conclusion of my own, I bite it, thinking it will crumble in my hand, but it doesn’t. My fingers seem trapped now and retakes a few more bites to free them from their temporary bond.

Edinburgh quickly opens up into field upon field of tiny green crops separated by moist, arrow straight tire tracks.

I attempt to take a picture and manage one that is mostly the area around the train tracks and another that is a total blur.

Travel Day: Edinburgh to Dunblane, Scotland