Travel Day Series: Episode 4

Travel Day Series: Episode 4

We were ushered through the Singapore airport like a whisper.

Everything is automated and quiet. The floors are carpeted and clean, and it seems like every aspect of our experience was designed for ease and expediency and predetermined by a nearly invisible hand.

Our bags were waiting for us and soon we were walking past the pickup are where plush chairs were available to those holding signs. 

We took out some cash from the ATM and were soon in a taxi on the way to the hotel.

The highway is lined with tropical flowers, and generally this level of beauty lasts as long as you are considered a visitor. These niceties and expenses are normally cut after a few hundred meters, leaving you to visually fend for yourself like everybody else who lives in the city.

This is not the case in Singapore. It seems like the whole city is built with this industrial lubricant of wealth that serves only for ease and beauty. 

It follows you around and hangs in the air along with the humidity, and makes you long for something more, something real.