Travel Day Series: Episode 3

Travel Day Series: Episode 3

In another taxi.

A petit taxi, which really means a local city taxi, which is different than the mini bus or other modes of transport. Quite often the petit taxi is just a car with a sign. Drivers are independent operators and are hired out in advance for private transport.

Like today so we can get to Sefrou, which is a small crafty town in Central Morocco.

I’m in the back seat in the middle and I’m using the seatbelt by the window and it’s stretched across my waist and under my armpit. We drive through the new part of Fez, which looks like the new parts of Jerusalem or Marrakech or any other city with new parts - all traffic and wide streets and sidewalk cafes covered by awnings.

A monument or two at the roundabouts. A McDonald’s swings by as we arc through the roundabout. A wide palm tree lined pedestrian walkway opens to my right as we pass it and for a moment I can see many blocks stretching out before we veer away again and the city continues its effort of resembling so many other cities. 

It’s hard not to be jaded but cities are not remarkable. They are made by humans and humans are creatures of habit and efficiency and our designs come from perceived needs, so our creations reflect this need. It’s only when we ignore these needs that we are free enough to create beautiful things.