Travel Day Series: Episode 2

Travel Day Series: Episode 2

Of course it takes you longer to shower and eat breakfast and get out the door than you imagined. The second alarm on your phone wasn't necessary this time, but it won't prevent you from using it every time. Not that you sleep well on a travel day anyway. 

The taxis that were abundant yesterday are scarce at this early hour.

The few that we do see gesture for us to walk down the block, and we think this means that we would have better luck near the park. It turns out that Milan has designated taxi zones and you can't get one unless you go to the taxi area.

Very civilized and not American and we are getting closer and closer to our flight time without even moving towards the airport. 

Once in the taxi we realize our airport is the OTHER AIRPORT.

You know the one. Not the main one but the smaller one that is further away and less convenient and as we sit in traffic I decide this other airport is also dirty and has no coffee and that we will miss our flight and will either have to wait in this other airport for hours with no coffee or wifi or will to have spend 100 euro to get to the REAL AIRPORT, the airport we should have taken if we didn't try to save 30 euro by taking Ryan Air. 

But this is just my imagination. For the most part.

We arrive at the airport and it’s the right one, but we are late.

But thank god there is coffee.