Weekly Travel Highlight No. 3

William Wallace National Monument Stirling Scotland

Weekly Travel Highlight No. 3 - A House Sit Vacation in Montenegro

It’s not been that long since we’ve cared for a pet. It’s not even been a month. But the last sit was two dogs, and we were feeling the need for some cats man. You know, that purr? The agility? The face rubbing?

So what happened? Well momma cat came by with two of her kittens in tow. They were skittish at first, but a little can of tuna and drinking water and some dry food for a few days really changed their minds about us.

So of course we aren’t going anywhere because the kittens are bloody adorable and hangout on the patio frolicking all day and have even started playing with our toes. Needless to say we are looking to buy a cheap piece of land nearby so we can build our dream cat home and feed all the cats in this old town called Ulcinj.

We were comfortable here before, but this has taken it to the next level. I mean, look at those faces! It’s going to be really really difficult to leave them behind.