Weekly Travel Highlight No. 2 - Voluntourism with Sumayya Usmani

William Wallace National Monument Stirling Scotland

Weekly Travel Highlight No. 2 - Voluntourism with Sumayya Usmani

There is so much to say about our first volunteer opportunity with chef and cookbook author and social entrepreneur Sumayya Usmani that i think we will have to add her to our People We Meet” series.

We try as much as we can to volunteer while traveling, so we were happy to find ourselves in an old horse barn helping Sumayya unload bins from her car one rainy day on the south side of Glasgow.

Soon enough a handful of elderly women (one of which is 94) came in past the stables and through the mud and rain to be shown how to cook several dishes.

The broader mission is to show people in Glasgow (and Scotland in general) how easy it is to cook delicious food using local ingredients, and today is no different except for the added benefit of helping the elderly feel less alone and more connected to the world around them.

We didn’t just unload the car and set up the cooking stations - we chatted with the guests and made many cups of tea and washed even more dishes. But more importantly we got anything Sumayya asked for and then tasted the food we all prepared together.

We will be writing more in the coming weeks about our voluntourism opportunity, how we came to find Sumayya and her venture KaleYard in the coming weeks as we are scheduled to help her a few more times.