Jill & Zac hiking the Great Wall for 5 days.


It all started in 2015…

There was something about the winter in Minnesota that just did us in. It was brutal. It snowed so much we couldn’t find a place to put it. It was so cold we threw boiling water into the air and it came down as crystals.

Jill was rapidly approaching burnout at her corporate job as a business analyst, and I was (and still am) a freelance digital marketer who can work from anywhere. So we thought - let’s see if we can literally work from anywhere! We started planning our escape.

Later that year that’s exactly what we did.

We sold our home, most of our belongings, and booked a round the world ticket. 10 months later we found house sitting and just kept traveling.

Why work with us?

We are curious people. We love to learn. We love change. More than anything we love listening to stories and retelling them on our site and sharing our experiences with others.

We are excited to introduce our audience to new experiences - both with our words and with our photography.

Will we tell your story next?

Website & Engagement Statistics

Everybody is always asking about our traffic and stats - how many followers, how many likes, how many page views. As a digital marketer by profession, I know that numbers can be misleading. They can easily be used to tell any kind of story.

This is why we don't rely strictly on how big our audience is, but rather focus on our growth rate month by month and year by year. We focus on engagement and response. Because what good are a million followers if they don't engage with the content we are creating?

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We’ve learned that the best way to experience any culture is through their food - and we love to eat and learn about the history behind a particular dish. Every region has a story to tell through its food, and we are always trying to highlight the people who grow it and cook it and bring it to the table.


If it’s true that pictures are worth a thousand words, we’ve each of us written dozens of volumes about all the places we’ve been! Neither of us are expert photographers. We don’t travel with a light room. But we have a keen eye for composition and color are always ready to capture a moment.

fresh off the vine: peaches and nectarines in South Africa

fresh off the vine: peaches and nectarines in South Africa


Travel Writing

At the core, we are storytellers. We try to get to the heart of how locals are living, and what their daily struggles are - by doing so we show our audience not how different we all are, but how similar we are. We hope that the stories we share help people overcome their fears of traveling.


Since we travel full time, we don’t carry all the gear necessary for extreme weather. We are 3 season hikers who love mountains and forests and showing our audience long multi day treks around the world. Do you have a location that needs exposure to a bigger audience?

waterfall hunting in Eswatini

waterfall hunting in Eswatini


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