What is Visa-Vis?

Vis-à-vis is French and literally means "face-to-face". The term was first used in English to refer to horse-drawn carriages where two people sat facing one another. Today the term is used to compare or contrast things that are face-to face. We can think of no greater way to describe the travel adventures of two people who see, hear and experience each location differently. While things may appear to be the same, our approach and interpretation, generally is not.

We are going to eat, drink, hike and house sit our way around the globe. It's not always going to be pretty, but we'll be sure to tell you the good and bad about life on the road.

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Travel Roulette

Each week we post a previously unpublished image, video, sound or text reflecting our favorite travel experience. 

Rules of Travel Roulette: Scroll through photos & post the first one fate leads you to. No second chances. Travel ain't always pretty. You've been warned.

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Jill and Zac in Mexico City

Jill and Zac in Mexico City


Who is Visa-Vis? 

We love adventure, travel and change. We seek new experiences and lessons daily and we want to share it all with you.


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