Day 4: The Republic of Georgia Tour with Living Roots

In this 14 part series, we present voice recordings and tidbits taken during our tour in The Republic of Georgia that was organized by Living Roots. You'll get to see and hear what we saw each day and how we felt about it. We did not edit the voice recordings or photos so you can really get a sense of how we were feeling and what we experienced on this trip. We hope you enjoy these experiences. 

Day 4: Summary

On our fourth day of our tour of Georgia we had an incredibly long day of driving but saw some amazing things, ate more incredible food, drank delicious wines and visited another church. There are some remains of Soviet mosaics and carvings throughout Georgia and we have been trying to see as many as we can. Our day started with a driving tour of Kutaisi where we saw an incredible example of a Soviet era relief. Then on to the gorgeous, awe inspiring Gelati monastery. The frescoes and architecture of the churches in Georgia have been blowing our minds. These are some of the most serene churches we have ever visited. There's a stillness and a simplicity to them that seems unique to Georgia. Our day continued with an incredible lunch and wine tasting with one of Georgia's only female winemakers. Did I say the food, wine and company were incredible? Well, if I didn't, believe me when I say I felt truly grateful to be at Oda Family Winery on this day. We continued on to our guest house and ran into some of the thickest and scariest fog I have ever been in. Shota did an amazing job not driving off the harrowing road when the fog was preventing us from seeing beyond the front of the car. We eventually made it to our guest house in Svaneti where we dined on some more incredible food. Hear all about it below. 

Highlights include: Soviet carving in Kutaisi and driving tour of the city, view from and frescoes at the Gelati Monastery, visit to the Prometheus cave, visit to one of the only female natural winemakers for lunch (Oda Family Winery), fantastic dinner at our guest house in Svaneti. 

Day 4: Photo Roundup

This is the fourth of 14 posts covering every aspect of our tour of the Republic of Georgia with Living Roots. We really hope you enjoy them!