Travel Roulette No. 6 - Ferragosto celebrations in Vermiglio, Italy


Travel Roulette No. 6: Ferragosto celebrations in Vermiglio, Italy

Ferragosto was a total mystery holiday to us our first year in Vermiglio, Italy. We made many gaffs that year - including showing up to a family party empty handed - but the following year, we were well-seasoned and in the know.

Ferragosto is a public holiday celebrated in Italy on the 15th of August. It coincides with the feast of the Assumption of Mary. In our experience, it’s a time when families gather, towns shut their doors for business and everyone feasts.

Now, I have a rather small family and Zac’s isn’t super huge. Nothing compared to the size of the family we were staying with in Italy. The room was filled with generations of the same family when we entered on this celebratory day. Everyone brought a dish to share and it seems that everyone also brought a dessert. To say there were at least 14 dessert options is not an understatement. I haven’t had a sugar rush like this before or since. But when attending Ferragosto, one accepts all the dishes that are on offer.

These cream puffs were no exception. They were passed around and quickly disappeared. I can’t believe I was even able to get a photo of them. I think Zac and I probably shared one of these given the shear amount of food we had already consumed and how much more was coming our way. I remember thinking that this was an incredibly light and delicious little puff and thinking I should have had one all to myself. There was definitely no going back for seconds. I think the entire family waits for the 15 August every year just to consume these beauties.