Travel Day Series: Episode 1

Travel Day Series: Episode 1

On the right of your window seat rests the city as the plane approaches in fleeting glimpses. Red roofs stretch out and relax next to gently curling ribbons of grey highway asphalt. 

On the left nothing but empty blue Atlantic Ocean with a single cargo ship punctuating the expanse with its red tipped chimney.

The entire plane seems to hold its breath as the earth comes up to greet us and there is a sudden shift to the left caused by a sudden gust of cutting wind.

The wheels bark and the bones of the plane seem to separate at the joints for a second, but that is just my imagination.

Our collective exhale comes in the form of getting our phones out and jostling for our bags, the tension from before coming out in our rush to be the first into the aisle so that we can be first off the plane so we can line up in the bus and jockey for position all over again.

Only to find out our bags are still being unloaded from the plane so we form cautious groups around the mouth of the carousel, ready to pounce.